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Truong Anh. Tuan tuanta at iwayvietnam.com
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> Here are my belayed responses also :)
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> Q: What do each of our candidates think the biggest challenges are in
> growing the Ambassador program, and how would you tackle these?
> A: Ambassadors will soon be the largest and most diverse group within
> Fedora. Differences in cultures, time zones and ideas will be
> prominent in every decision we would like to make. I believe that the
> best way to tackle those is to establish Standard Operation Procedures
> for basic tasks (media production, event preparation, booth setup,
> media handling, swag production etc.) and try to stick to them
> locally. The presence of a FAmSCo member in every single local meeting
> will ensure the latest information and news on the SOPs and also the
> gathering of valuable feedback to reform the SOPs to meet the local
> needs.
> In response to:
> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-November/016243.html
> Q: What is the first thing you are going to change if you are elected?
> A: I dont think that we should rush to push personal views. First
> thing I would like to establish a trusted environment within FAmSCo
> and then try to consolidate different aspects of the Ambassadors
> group. (wiki pages, SOPs, etc)
> Also addressing the urgent issues that I outline in the Nominee wiki
> page (EMEA budget handling, meetings attendance, media production etc)
> Q: Should we be willing to expand our idea of contributors to
> *testers* and get more contributors that way? (let's talk about
> ambassadors here)
> A: Ambassadors try to get new users and new contributors to get
> involved in Fedora. I believe that "testing" "feature requests" "bug
> reports" fall into various sub-projects of fedora and we already have
> many people working on them directly to QA team or in various SIGs.
> The diversity of the events we have (FUDCON, FAD, Coffees, Release
> Parties, Test Days) ensure that we have a wide audience of people
> willing to be part of the Fedora ecosystem. We Ambassadors will make
> sure that they will start doing so :)
> Q: We have seen a drop in FAmSCo activity after first few
> months...what will you do, as a team, not to repeat that?
> A: I don't believe that the drop of FAmSCo activity was significant.
> Meetings were regular and most of the urgent issues were addressed.
> Nevertheless it would be wise to keep the presence of FAmSCo members
> regular in regional meetings and also be more active on pursuing the
> Schedule Release-Specific Tasks (regional or global), which I am
> willing to personally take care (as I believe that schedule can help
> as organizing and keeping us up with other sub-projects)

Great ideas.

> I would be more than happy to answer any other question :) I would
> like also to apologize for not being present in the two Town Halls.
> On the other side, I was happy to help the Fedora Vietnamese community
> to shine in FOSSASIA and I am proud to inform you that we have new
> translators and many new users. (thanks Truong and all the local
> guys!)

Thanks for your support.
P.S. please call me "Tuan" :)

Kind regards, 

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