[Ambassadors] Good news for Ambassadors representing the Norway

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Fri Nov 26 19:31:50 UTC 2010

fre 2010-11-26 klockan 11:35 +0530 skrev Danishka Navin:
> FYI,
> http://www.osor.eu/news/all-regions-and-nearly-all-municipalities-now-use-open-source

Cool and congratulations to whole of Norway.

Makes Sweden even more sad place. Here things move mostly in the
opposite direction at the moment for various completely stupid reasons
(outsourcing draining and most IT competence from the municipalities and
alienating those that get to stay, completely broken central call for
bits procedure etc).

I do have hope that Norway will inspire and make things change to the
better here as well. So close and yet so different attitudes to IT.


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