[Ambassadors] Active Ambassadors Over Inactive Am.

Saadeddine AlSaidi saadsaidi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 14:15:16 UTC 2010

Ah OK then

Today I handed 2 Fedora 14 Live KDE USB Sticks to university students in
order to try it out.


2010/11/30 Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera <bckurera at fossuser.lk>

> Hi all,
> It is nice to see that thread is growing.
> Do not misunderstand what I told.
> I didnt mean anytihgn like hunting inactive Am.
> Whatever happening should be reported and updated, then only we can plan
> for better.
> If it is not possible to find the Am. contact details how we think about
> his contribution here.
> AND I was talking about Events as an example ALL can follow their way to
> spread the word.
> BUT what I am sugessing is to UPDATE with us what you doing.
> If anyone is organizing an event why dont they put it on the Events?
> That is the thing we need to encourage.
> Do publish what you doing then it is possivle to evaluate the progress of
> the project
> in marketing side.
> COZ that increase the quality and efficiency.
> @inode0
> >>I think you should focus on your own behavior and contributions rather
> >>than the behavior and contributions of everyone else on the planet. We
> >>do not need another witch hunt.
> I do focus and always try to improve my contribution. (thanks for the
> advice :) )
> BUT as a part of this project I have the freedom to express what I believe
> (or ideas).
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> Regards,
> *Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera*
> The Editor in Chief - FOSS User Magazine
> Fedora Ambassador - Sri Lanka
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