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Good work. Cheers :)


2010/11/30 Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto <richzendy at gmail.com>

> On November 20, a group of users and ambassadors from the Venezuelan Fedora
> Community gather to celebrate the new release of Fedora, share experiences
> and knowledge.
> The meeting began with a talk that I gave to make the group know the
> history of the Fedora community in Venezuela and the actual services (web,
> infrastructure) that we provided to the community, then, continued with a
> talk by Maria Leandro (aka Tatica) where she explain the support services
> and the help that Fedora can provide  to local communities and how to
> request such assistance, then a teammate José Tomás García (aka Dogbert)
> show us in an workshop how to make a Fedora installation from PXE [1]
> (Preboot Execution Environment) and finally Guillermo Gomez (aka Gomix)
> announced the project RPMDEV [2] with the intention of seeking more Latin
> American developers and packers and also showed us the release notes of
> Fedora 14.
> Our lunch was pizza, and we give media to all the ambassadors that came, so
> they can distribute it in the rest of the year. Also share some some pop
> material and T-shirts to each of the attendees.
> The intent of this meeting was to reactivate the Fedora community in
> Venezuela that's been inactive a long time; also to personally meet some new
> and old members which whom we had the opportunity to make plans together for
> 2011 over the Fedora dissemination in Venezuela, this was not really
> achieving due that not all the ambassadors had the oportunity to come.
> We wanted that all the ambassadors came and share with us and also work
> together, this was not acomplished. However, to be this the first Fedora
> formal event in a long time and had the oportunity to focus only in our
> community, I think that was a real success, which I hope will be higher for
> the next meeting. Those ambassadors who where timidly spreading Fedora had
> previously worked in an isolated status, now have the confidence to call
> more friends and acquaintances for some upcoming opportunities, and this
> will make participation much higher.
> As noticed, for us this was a little more than a celebration launch party,
> so we called the meeting FudVen, anyone wanting to know more about how we
> organized the event can check our wiki [3] (in Spanish) The call was made
> through the mailing list Fedora Venezuela and who wants to see some
> pictures, some climbed some of our Flickr account [4].
> A total of 500 media where distributed (not-burned dvd), 20 t-shirts from
> fedora, 200 laptop stickers, 50 vinyl stickers, 20 laptop bubble Fedora
> stickers, 7 pizzas, 5 sodas and some brochures of fedora, the big Most paid
> by the Fedora Project and some things paid for by us and left over from
> previous events.
> Serve to give special thanks to Ambassador Carlos Marcano [5] for his
> effort as he traveled all night by bus to join us.
> Finally, on behalf of the entire Fedora community Venezuela,
> Congratulations to all those who made Fedora 14.
> [1] http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preboot_Execution_Environment
> [2] http://rpmdev.proyectofedora.org
> [3] http://www.proyectofedora.org/wiki/Eventos_Fedora/FUDVEN2010
> [4]
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/sets/72157625434828520/with/5193330095/
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/35484468@N07/sets/72157625369471545/
> [5] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pelobravo
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