[Ambassadors] Budget update, and rest-of-2010 planning

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 12 20:00:33 UTC 2010

Hi Ambassadors,

I'll be the first to admit that I've been quiet on this list for a 
while, but as my primary duty to FAMSCO, I've continued to track our 
budget spending, and with F14 coming up, it's time to make sure we're 
all planning properly.

We have two primary buckets of Fedora-related money: one for FUDCons and 
FADs, and another for basically "everything else", which includes our 
regional community support around the world.


If you have ideas for FADs that you'd like to see in the next few 
months, the best place to do the organizing for those is on the 
fudcon-planning list, which is used for both FUDCons and FADs.  Even 
with FUDCon Tempe in its planning phase, we sill have sufficient budget 
to hold several more FADs between now and the end of February.



The "everything else" bucket of money is primarily used by Ambassadors 

It's tracked here:


As you can see, we have plenty of budget available to spend, so it would 
be very useful for all of the regional teams to make sure they have a 
good list of whatever they need for F14 (media, swag, etc.), and it's 
also a good time to think about any longer-term purchases that are 
needed in different regions (refreshing event kits, banners & posters, 

Finally, if any travel sponsorships are needed in different parts of the 
world, that's another thing that we can use budget for.

Perhaps in each of the upcoming regional Ambassador meetings, the groups 
could come up with whatever budget requests they'd like to make between 
now and the end of the year, and send them along to FAMSCO, so we can 
help make sure that everything can be purchased and paid for?

In particular for LATAM, India, and APAC, I want to make sure that folks 
are able to get everything that they need, and that we have sufficient 
money set aside for everything.

We don't have to use up all of our budget, but I don't want people to 
feel like they have to be afraid to request things.  As long as it's 
justified, responsible, and valuable to Fedora in general (not even 
purely to Ambassadors), we are in a position to make it happen.


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