[Ambassadors] EMEA Media, All desktop spins on one disc, All full install DVDs on one disc

Misha Shnurapet shnurapet at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 14 06:57:26 UTC 2010

14.10.2010, 04:13, "Christoph Wickert" <christoph.wickert at googlemail.com>:
> Most our users use way better devices. According to smolt, only 0,9% of
> our users have systems with less than 512 Mhz CPU. This means that at an
> event there is maybe 1 out of 100 people who cannot use the media we
> offer. You really think this is worth all the drawbacks?

Hello, Christoph.

Could you, please, make a closer tour into the statistics?

Best regards,
Misha Shnurapet, Fedora Project Contributor
shnurapet AT fedoraproject.org, GPG: 00217306

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