[Ambassadors] Software Freedom Day in Menoufya University [Egypt]

Ahmed M. Araby araby.ahmed at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 18:56:38 UTC 2010

Morning/Evening all,
I've attended Software Freedom Day in Menoufya University (Egyptian university), A friend told me about it and I attended, Which is held for the second year.
In brief the session was about:
-MUFIX community (The host) and it's history (They are six years old now),
-Web browsers and it's ancient war
-OpenSource history
-Jspx[1] framework by one of it's authors
-And a wonderful session about using Both sides of the brain (logic and illogic parts) :D
Details can be found in the website[2]
Generally It was a very nice day and the university seems to be supporting them
My final goal that day was to know the people there and get contacts and I've achieved my goal
I've also uploaded some photos[3] for this event and their past events ;)

[1] http://jspx.sf.net
[2] http://sfd.mufix.org/site/
[3] http://egydev.fedorapeople.org/events/2010/sfd_menoufya/

Ahmed M. Araby

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