[Ambassadors] EMEA Media, All desktop spins on one disc, All full install DVDs on one disc

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 18 14:48:09 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 14.10.2010, 11:28 -0400 schrieb Paul W. Frields: 
> I don't understand how the images are put together.  If they're ISO's
> connected by some sort of thin glue, perhaps everyone agrees nothing
> is needed.  

This is what you see when you mount the image:

$ ls Fedora-13-i686-Live-multi/*


EFI  GPL  isolinux  LiveOS

EFI  GPL  isolinux  LiveOS

EFI  GPL  isolinux  LiveOS

EFI  GPL  isolinux  LiveOS

As you can see it's just the official spins, a boot menu and a copy of
the GPL for every spin.

> I just think it would be wise to make sure everyone 
> agrees, since I hadn't seen that discussion.

Spot already pointed out that this would qualify as "new combination of
unmodified Fedora software" and thus need the boards approval. [1]

Can you please put this on the board agenda for the next meeting, as we
need to have the approval ASAP.



P.S.: It really is a pitty that the trac instance is closed for mortal
users like me, even for FESCo members. Is there a documented workflow to
bring something up the board's attention to it ends up on the meeting

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