[Ambassadors] Legal requirements for the Multi-Desktop Live media

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 19 11:21:07 UTC 2010

Am Dienstag, den 19.10.2010, 00:12 -0700 schrieb Jesse Keating:

> You're just not getting it.  The Fedora Desktop Edition is not a spin.
> It is not an alternative version of Fedora, it /is/ Fedora.  

So the spins are not Fedora?

All that remains of the definition is "alternative version". There is a
default and thus there are alternative versions, but that hardly
qualifies as a definition. The terms "spin" and "live media" are used
synonymous all over the Fedora websites.

> The spins
> are the alternative to the Desktop.  A Gnome spin could be an
> alternative to the Desktop configuration, with a pure gnome setup, using
> only gnome software, such as epiphany.

Point taken.

> Again, the Desktop is not a spin.  People need to stop assuming that
> Live == Spin.

I'd like to ask the board members: How many times have you been to an
event and did booth service there?

When we distribute Fedora on an event, the FAQ are:
      * "What is this media?"
      * "Why is this media different from the others?"
      * "What desktop is on this media?"
      * "Does this media contain all desktops?"
      * "Can I install KDE from this media too?"

Don't get me wrong: I'm fine with having a default media and I would
choose the desktop(TM) as default because I think it is the most
convenient DE there is.

But I think it must be allowed to name things by their name in certain
contexts in order to distinguish. Having a boot menu that presents you a
choice of "Desktop", "KDE", "Xfce", "LXDE" and "Moblin" will confuse
people. The logical consequence of these listing is that 
Take the F14 media artwork [1] for example: The desktop media does not
even the have the word "Gnome" on it. Do you think this helps to avoid

The argument for having a default spin is that too many things confuse
people. From my experience I can tell it's not the freedom of choice
that is confusing but the fact that one media is not labeled

Anyway, we will name the desktop spin whatever you want on the multi
desktop Live DVD if it helps to get the board's approval.


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/MediaArt/F14#32-bit_XFCE_Live

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