[Ambassadors] Formal request for approval of the multi-desktop DVD (Re: Board meeting recap, 2010 10-18)

Christian Jantz public at thereaper.de
Thu Oct 21 13:59:17 UTC 2010

I'd do it the other way around. Specially new members insert the disk,
boot and then want to know where they can test the system using the live
Your variant could lead to the impression that it boots/installs
directly after you select your spin and hit enter, not that there is a

So long
Am 21.10.2010 15:56, schrieb Brandon Lozza:
> 2010/10/21 Gregory Fenton <fedora at fedoradvds.com>:
>> Question: Can grub have submenus?
>> Answer: Yes.
> Then why not have:
> Fedora Desktop
> Fedora KDE
> Fedora XFCE
> Fedora LXCE
> then when you choose one it expands into the following for each,
> replace $desktop with KDE, etc.
> $desktop LiveCD
> $desktop Install
> $desktop Verifiy Media
> Go back
> I think this would make it less scary, but the options shouldn't be
> left out for the alternatives. It just reeks of gnome less is more
> policy.
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