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Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 28 17:50:58 UTC 2010

we face a new FAmSCo Election 2010 and the nominations are open till 07.
November 2010.


Big thanks goes to all Ambassadors - you know yourself how good we
really are ;)!!!

I want to thank all FAmSCo Members who served with me during 2010 -
Thanks for your trust and work!

Of course i would be happy to serve another period together with you -
please consider to run again!

I will!

And a lot of our goals and duties in the Ambassador Group would not have
such a good result without the help of people which i would love to see
running for FAmSCo:

*Robert Scheck and Zoltan Hoppar:*
they are the right people to conquer new areas like the former east or
the scandinavian countries. Zoltan is also a creative mind in producing
new SWAG.
Robert is a brilliant developer and the person behind the inclusion of
Zarafa in Fedora he also helped me together with Fabian and Susmit in
Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration and as EMEA Mentor.

*Mathieu Bridon* - a great liason to the french community with a
straight, brilliant view of things and a very thorough Mentor

*Larry Cafiero*, -a very reliable and thorough mentor and mediator -
would really love to see him on FAmSCo

*Pierros Papadeas* - hot-headed, fresh minded clobe-trotter and
undeniable one of the EMEA Leaders and our reliable EMEA Meeting Chair

*Isaac Sanni-Thomas* - my big hope for Fedora in Africa

*Gerard Braad* and *Caius 'kaio' Chance* - my big hope for Fedora in China

We are more than 700 Group Members and now that i nominated above
candidates i am aware that i will hurt the feelings of so many of you
who deserve it in the same way to be in FAmSCo - do not hesitate,
nominate yourself!!!

It is also time to thank Chitlesh, Gerold and Max for all their support
for so many years now!!!

cu Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Key Fingerprint:
3691 0989 2DCA 58A2 8D1F 2CAC C823 558E 5B5B 5688

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