[Ambassadors] How to be a Mentor?

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Fri Oct 29 19:59:48 UTC 2010

Am 29.10.2010 20:47, schrieb Marcus Moeller:
> e.g. from my personal experience I felt quiet lost after joining
> Ambassadors (in days where you Joerg was the only one who managed the
> whole process). I got good contacts to Christoph who then helped me
> somewhat to get started, which saved me somewhat.
> I know the process has been improved somewhat, 

wow, and we put so much effort in this just "somewhat" and there was so
much discussions on the Ambassador membership and mentoring process
during the last two years and now as we face new elections, you put that
up now as FAmSCo is about summarize the achievemnts from the last period?

Why not at the point where we discussed and announced
the mentors process?


or the mentors appointment process?


or during the Mentors meeting (link already posted) or as a response to
the mentors survey?


or after we announced the new Membership Wizard?


or after we announced the mentor and mentee dispute resolution policy?


What have you done to improve the Mentoring and Membership Experience
during the last years.

> so why not lift it up
> one level (to how to become a Mentor)?

because the mentoring process works and scales - as well as the mentors
appointment process, show me where we appointed a wrong regional mentor.
Every candidate can write their complaints to FAmA - we got less and we
could solve them all.


There is no need for a lot mentors. We work on improvement for LATAM
(Brazil) and APAC(China), but Membership Management is not our main
purpose in Ambassadors. We do not need all to become Mailing List Admins
or Membership Administrators - we are here to do our job as Ambassador!
We Ambassadors guide new contributors into the project, is this not what
a mentor is doing? This is where we should put our energy - again we
trust every Ambassador with ressources and give them the right to speak
in the name of the whole Fedora Project - there is no level up above

We face a new Release and i wished people put this much energy in how we
can promote F14 in the best way - instead bring things up like more

cu Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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