[Ambassadors] How to be a Mentor

Onyeibo Oku twohotis at fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 29 21:06:05 UTC 2010

Hmmm, so you want to be a mentor, huh?

Are you an Ambassador?  If so, what's your problem? ... You're already
an mentor of some sort. After all, what do ambassadors do?
Oh I see!  You want to wear the label "Mentor"? Ah, how sweet:

Twohot's Steps to Mentoring:

1. Be so good with fedora that your experience is mouth-watering 
2. Draw hordes and hordes of people to Fedora (a continent will be just
fine ... of course, I'm joking)
3. Stay on stand-by as your new converts bombard your email of chat
client with FAS & registration questions (even when you don't wear the
4. Hang around the usual channels and don't make a fool of yourself (I
never get past that)
5. Organize or attend fedora events ... its another opportunity to wear
the blue t-shirt and feel geeky (I mean talk ... hehehehe)
6. Visit fedora-forums and help someone (wow, its another school ...
none development-oriented users or IT gurus beware!)
7. Do 1-6 repeatedly until you can perform while in your sleep

Heck! you should be a mentor by now.

I am not a mentor yet.  Adhere with caution!

Oku, Onyeibo

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