[Ambassadors] How to be a Mentor?

María Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Fri Oct 29 22:59:44 UTC 2010


I'll try to give an answer that should make all think about what a Mentor
should and must be, and hope to help.

It is true that in LATAM (same that other regions) there is a need of
Mentors to help, guide and contribute to the project. Mentors (as I like to
see it) are those ambassadors that, after a while working on the project and
helping her folks, "deserve" and "win" the right to be considered as

A Mentor (same as Ambassador) must not be someone that "want to contribute",
because the only thing needed to contribute is the will. Instead, a Mentor
and an Ambassador must be people that already are working, and as the rest
of the community see the contributions, is nominated to become one of them.

One of the most regular things I see in the community is that there is a
huge percent of people that thinks that install Fedora in a computer gives
them the right to claim a recognition, there is also other group of people
that helps during years without asking for anything, and sometimes we don't
even know their names... this is the difficult part of work with people that
you probably will never know.

Here is where the Ambassadors and Mentors work comes... to create links
between those contributors, users and enthusiastics that are working to help
us to improove the community; and the group itself know that this group of
people deserve to make a step foward into the "structure". All Ambassadors
and Mentors should contribute to at least one team of Fedora... this is my

I have been appart of the community for over a month, and sometimes is good
to give a step back to see the perspective of the team as a sum of
resources, what everyone of us (and as ambassadors and Mentors must do this
question to the candidates) is:

¿Do you think you deserve to be an Ambassador/Mentor?
¿Do you think that the Ambassador/Mentor status will change the way you

Humility is the first feature a contributor must have... the rest will come
by itself. Perhaps I'm a very strict mentor, but the idea is to archieve
goals and make the people archieve their own goals. As another Ambassador
told me once "People comes, People goes" the same must be aplied to the fact
that this is a communitary work, to help people, not to reach status.

Have a nice evening :)

Maria Gracia Leandro
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"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"
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