[Ambassadors] Fedora language? (Was: Re: [Peru] fue un placer)

Jukka Palander jukka at devspain.com
Mon Sep 6 11:45:19 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 07:56 +0200, delhage at gmail.com wrote:
> 2010/9/6 Ivan Pacheco Martínez <ivanpacheko at gmail.com>:
> > El 04/09/2010 07:51 a.m., Frank Murphy escribió:
> >
> > On 04/09/10 13:46, Edg at r Rodolfo wrote:
> >
> > first message is en english, read please :)
> >
> > Saw that, but have no idea what happened after.
> > I could have missed the juicy bits.
> >
> > Some ambassadors don't speak in english, so, what's the problem? Each
> > ambassador has the same rights but not
> > the same possibilities.
> >
> This mailing list is in English. There are other mailing lists in Spanish.
> /Lars

I have to say that it is quite well known fact that IT-related "things"
are being discussed in English! It "just is" the IT language and for
example I am very much against if someone is doing source code in some
other language (meaning variable names, function names, comments etc.).

If you cannot read and write at least some English, I am not sure you
can be member of the Fedora project that much? We need to be able to

I know _very_well_ the issue, because I am myself Finnish and I live in
Spain! Anyhow, I do speak English and Spanish because I just _have_to_
be able speak and to manage in everyday tasks and due the fact that
Finnish is so small language; "nobody" speaks it (some 6 Million people

Saying that, I just cannot see the problem of "you guys" being native in
any of the major worldwide languages, say English and Spanish (Chinese,
Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, Japanese, French, German, Russian to name but a
My advice is that start learning and do not take your language as
"world-wide-guaranteed"! ->You've already learned Fedora, now learn the

It is a _very_ good idea to have national discussion boards and mailing
lists but I see some threats as well having them. Is('nt) there a risk
that we start doing something what we do not know who, how, where, when
if we separate into a language groups and the we do not know what is
being done because we cannot understand each other?....

I see this as a worldwide _fedoraproject_ and to be able to be inside
member of the project we have to have one common language to discuss and
decide things.

Any thoughts?
Should we go towards 2-language model (or 3-langs, 4-langs, n-langs) or
should we keep English as "the lingo"???


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