[Ambassadors] Need help with a site

Danny Stieben dmaxel at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 8 03:08:30 UTC 2010

Hello there everyone :)

I want to start a project concerning Fedora, but I need some help.
First, let me explain...

I've become a fan of the site OMG!Ubuntu! (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk).
It's a great place for people that aren't complete geeks that dive into
code learn about different apps in Ubuntu, as well as any features,
whether new (such as constantly changing features in beta) or existing
ones. They also have interviews of some important people to the open
source community. They also have a sister site, known as OMG!SUSE!,
which, of course, has approximately the same kind of content for openSUSE.

Now, to my idea/project.... I'd like to make a site that would pretty
much be an OMG!Fedora! site for everyone to enjoy. This would be plenty
different from Planet Fedora because most posts on there dig into code
from some tiny area, and doesn't have a lot of meaning to most "average"
Linux users.

I hope that this turns into something great, but before that happens, I
would need help for a few things. Right now, I have the following:
* A web server to host it on (self-maintained and everything)
* A decent internet connection to handle light traffic

I would need help on the following:
* Funding for domain name and DNS services (all this together would add
up to about $55/year, decent email service that goes with the domain
name would add a good chunk more.
* Help with building and designing the site. I have experience starting
sites, but they are mostly a collection of pre-made stuff, like Joomla!
and themes that are made for it.

Any help or even expression of interest in such a site would be greatly
appreciated! Thank you!
Danny Stieben
Fedora Ambassador
dmaxel at fedoraproject.org

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