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Scott Thistle scott at tekkie.org
Sun Sep 19 20:16:46 UTC 2010

Hi there Ambassadors. My name is Scott Thistle and I was a former, albeit
not very active, Ambassador in a previous life. I used to be located in
eastern Canada and there was not a whole lot of Ambassador stuff happening
there. I have since moved to Alberta, Canada and hope to become a more
active participant. I have also signed up for the #fedora-docs group in the
event that I can be of some assistance there.

I have been a linux user and admin for about 12-13 years with about 25 years
of overall PC experience (started initially supporting QNX). I began using
Linux when VMware shipped workstation 1.0 which only ran on Linux. My
experience has ranged from PCs to Sun hardware to IBM pSeries and beyond. My
career right now is a self-employeed contractor specializing in technical
architecture with particular emphasis on RHEL in the Enterprise. Currently
working for the power grid operator in Alberta deploying Oracle RAC/RDBMS on
Enterprise Linux.

I guess, right now, I have a little more time to formally give something
back. I have, informally, been a huge proponent of Linux and Open Source. I
certainly hope to be of some help somewhere in this great project area. I am
on IRC as sthistle so feel free to pop me a line..

Scott Thistle
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