[Ambassadors] Media production idea

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 18:21:05 UTC 2010

I have begun thinking about media production, and I would like to suggest
something that wasn't in sight so far as I know. Maybe this isn't true, but
if we could spare some money, then it could be worthy. I don't know there is
a possibility to create multiboot discs - but this is something that really
could be a hit. Why?

How about to have an such discs where the media contains not only one
desktop environment, else at least 4 of it... 4 LiveCD, the primary leading
spins including with gnome based version with an common GRUB packed onto
*one* bootable DVD. This could provide more wide spectrum to our users, with
this (possibly) also reduced the amount of discs, and smaller natural
footprint (less trash). Also could be an option to reduce this when we
choose for storage 8 cm MiniDVD's, and smaller packaging. I know this is
less storage for our packages - but 2.8 Gigs it's still enough for a bunch
of spins, or alternates.

If I continue this thoughts, this could result also an collectible version
of Fedora where an 2 discs booklet contains at least 8 (yes eight) bootable
and installable Fedora taste altogether. What do you think guys?

PS: I know that we keep CD-s for the most biggest compatibility, but
reducing the produced amount maybe gives back cash..... and DVD readers
nowadays are also cheap....


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