[Ambassadors] EMEA media production for F14

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 29 19:13:03 UTC 2010

Hi fellow ambassadors in the EMEA region,

it's time to think about the media production for F14, in fact, we are
already late. The deadline for telling the design team which sleeves to
produce was on Monday. 

Some observations from the F13 cycle:
      * We produced more money than ever before (6000 in total)
      * We already distributed nearly all media. ATM all events in the
        wiki for Q3 already received the media they need.
      * We managed to ship (300 to Kenya, 200 to Nigeria, 300 to Benin,
        100 to Mauritius)
      * We did spins (Xfce and LXDE) for the first time. We'll have to
        revisit if they were a success.
      * Shipping to anchor points in several countries for for further
        distribution seems efficient, but having more than one anchor
        seems inefficient: When we are running out of media, one has
        only GNOME while the other has KDE and the next has Install

Open questions:
     1. How much money can we spend? I opened a ticket in FAMSCO's trac
        and they will discuss my request in the next meeting. For F13 we
        had 4600 US$ + 1000US$ for Africa = 5600 US$ in total, but I
        don't think we've spent it all. Sascha, what was the exact
     2. Should we reserve a special amount of media for Africa again?
        (IMHO yes)
     3. Given that we have the same budget as in the F13 cycle, should
        we go with the same numbers again?
     4. Should we do LXDE and Xfce again? ATM we have a lot of Xfce left
        but only very little LXDE. Small batches are more expensive.
     5. Should we revisit the media process again? For the future, we
        should start earlier, thus I suggest to align the process with
        the Alpha and Beta releases as already proposed in [1].
     6. How can we speed up the process in order to have media already
        for release events?
     7. Can we optimize the media distribution? Although I like the
        concept of anchor points in different countries/regions, we IMHO
        need one (!) master distributor that has a large pool of media
        to make sure all different media are available. This person
        needs to be able to pay with one of the new Red Hat debit cards
        because his shipping costs will be to high.

I would like to discuss these questions in the ambassadors meeting,
22:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting (less than an hour from now).


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