[Ambassadors] Fedora UK Competition

Paul Mellors prjmellors at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 11:18:14 UTC 2011

Hello All :)

The fedora-uk.org site is coming along in leaps and bounds, we're
getting more contributors and it's starting to get more content on it.

However we have a problem, our site needs a new banner and will that
in mind we're doing our first Fedora UK competition.  Pretty
straightforward, we need a new site banner which will be displayed on
our front page -


Why note have a go and add your entries here -


Just a bit of fun, the only prize you'll get is knowing your image
will be displayed on another Fedora related website and you'll also
get the gracious thanks for the UK community, as small as it
is.....FOR THE MOMENT!!!!!

Once we have a few images [if we get a few images] then the UK irc
channel #fedora-uk on freenode, will vote for the one we like the best

Have fun and thanks.

Paul [MooDoo]

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