[Ambassadors] [Preview] Online Event for Fedora 15 launching day in China area

Haowei cnblue at fedoraproject.org
Wed Apr 27 16:07:53 UTC 2011

Hi all,

   I am so happy to announce that on behalf of Fedora Chinese community
team,I am in process of preparing the online event of Fedora 15 launching
day in our China area. I send this mail to all of you so that you could know
how about my plan and what our event will be. *Please remeber to send CC to
me if you are willing to say anything about this event. *

*Event Goal*
To call for all exist and potential user of Fedora keep focusing on Fedora
15 and try to use it.
To attract potential Fedora contributors to join Fedora project as
contributor, and dig excellent ones to be ambassadors
To give a big push of Fedora 15 come out
To let more and more people know Fedora project
To distribute media of Fedora 15

*Event Time*
The whole week during Fedora 15 releasing

*Event Place*
http:// t.sina.com.cn  (Chinese name  Sina Weibo, which is Chinese type of
(Sina WeiBo is the most famous local Chinese twitter with millions of active
users. They are from different fields of work.)
Event Host*
Official Weibo of Fedora Chinese (http://t.sina.com.cn/fzug)

*Event Steps*
Preparation work*
1. Making news of Fedora 15, Fedora community on Sina Weibo through our
official Weibo there. Attract more people go to focus us as our fans.
2. Work with Fedora APAC team to prepare some small gift for the event. Also
get some help for preparing CDs and DVDs of Fedora 15.
3. Work with Fedora Design team to prepare Fedora related stickers, posters,
and those things of Fedora 15.
4. Work with Fedora Marketing team to do more promotion work for Fedora in
China and paying effort to attract more linux users to come to focus on

* Warm -up Activity*  (Time sets to one or two weeks before F15 launch)
1. Translate and publish out F15 related news, introduction about Fedora 15.
Keep pushing those information to our Fedora Chinese site and Sina Twitter.

2. Focus on the most active users interactive with us, go to communicate and
let them join us

3. Publish 1st warm-up activity online through Sina Weibo with the topic of
"Why you love Fedora?". Feedback active ones with prepared stickers or small

4. Keep frequently updating the news, introduction of Fedora 15 through
Sina Weibo.

*Launching Day and week*
1. Translate and update important part of ReleaseNote of Fedora 15, push to
Sina Weibo

2. Open the main online event with the topic of "Say Hello to Fedora 15".
Keep this warm up all that day.
    (considering if need to invite some Fedora expert in China to make an
online QA for Fedora 15.)

3. Publish the lucky user list who join our main online event with feedback
them small gifts and CDs of Fedora 15.

4. Keep the main event until whole week with aiming at attract more people
come to focus Fedora. Team will focus on taking the ones most interested
with Fedora, go to communicate and invite them join us.

*QA and Media Distribution*
1. Keep warm up our Sina WeiBo and community after launching day with
considering plenty of questions will come for Fedora 15.  Team will try our
best to answer and feedback to all people in our community and WeiBo.

2. Confirm media preparation, select active users and push them some CDs or

3. Try to satisfy at least 100 persons who want to love Fedora and send them
Fedora 15 CDs

*End of event*
*Contributor and Ambassador digging*
Will ask all exist ambassadors and mentor in China area try to get some
really Fedora users and who want to contribute join as contributor.
Ambassadors and mentors will go on looking into them to discover excellent
ones and recommend them as ambassador.

All of above is my plan for the online event for Fedora 15 in China area.
It's my pleasure to hear your voice, suggestions and advice. Thank you very

Yours Sincerely ☺ Haowei 'cnblue' Lee
Chief Administrator of FZUG (Fedora Chinese User Group)

Our Sina  Twitter: http://t.sina.com.cn/fzug

Fedora Project Ambassador - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:cnblue
[IRC] Haowei @ freenode
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