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Buddhika Kurera bckurera at fedoraproject.org
Tue Aug 16 16:59:10 UTC 2011


I have visited to some corporate here in Sri Lanka last few weeks and
discuss with them regarding converting their business to Free Software.

The visited business are small and medium type entities involving in
production or sale or sometimes both.

Small business almost using pirated copies and they do not care about the
copyright issues.
I have some discussion and was able to convince that soon the law
regulations will impose on such misuses.
Some people have interested in research if they are getting
required knowledge on this.
Few are every much interested and enthusiastic about trying them, so I have
introduced them Fedora 15 DVDs.

Then I approached to medium size business entities, where they are almost
using license software, they almost network
their PCs so moving to another system was far of their reach as they

One business (in producing iron in my home town area) has facilitated me to
have a 2 hour meeting with their tech crew to introduce them Fedora.
I have noted the advantages and some tech stuffs with some examples with how
to use this in their PCs.
They have agreed to try this in their computers(outside the network). In the
discussion I have shown them how to install Fedora to a PC by installing it.
At the end of the day they have 3 fedora running PCs.

The biggest blocker to approach medium size business is their network. Most
of the crew and hardware are MS oriented.

I have visited 8 companies (small and medium) all of them are really
important and interested.
I took an appointment from the manager and just went their with my laptop
and some fedora DVDs.
When they hear about this wonderful free thing every one was inspired and
I open my laptop and show them THIS IS WHAT WE CALLED FEDORA. They were more
and more interested.

I like to invite all my FAms and Marketing team members please go and
explore the corporate. There are enough opportunities out their.
I know the number is low but the impact you can make is more.
They liked KDE interface and some of them are really like it. I use F15 and
distributed around 50 Fedora 15 DVDs.

My next goal is to arrange a F16 release party, a corporate one.

Thanks for your time.

*Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera*
*Fedora Ambassador Sri Lanka*
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