[Ambassadors] FAMSCo 2011 Election Result

Matthias Kranz matthiaskranz at gmx.de
Wed Dec 7 13:14:36 UTC 2011

On 12/07/2011 10:39 AM, Suresh Packiyarajah wrote:
> Just i have read blog post from Fabian Affolter(known as fab) via
> planet fedoraproject.i would like to share it again to the ambassadors
> list because of we are having 545 people but it's seems 104
> votes(~19%) have been made.yesterday i tried to verify how many of us
> have been voted but it is clear now.
> It makes sense Just ~10 minutes is more than enough to read and cast
> your vote. Does this mean that they are lazy to do at least this?
> Please have a look at the original post[1] by Fabian.
> [1]:http://fabian-affolter.ch/blog/index.php/famsco-2011-election-result

You could also read it like this:

In 2007 there were 288 Ambassadors. In 2011 there are 545. That is
almost 190%.

In 2007 there were 69 people voting. In 2011, 104 voted. If we assume
that most of the voters are more or less also active ambassadors, then
the number of active ambassadors grew by 50%.


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