[Ambassadors] FAMSCo 2011 Election Result

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 17:03:48 UTC 2011

2011/12/7 Suresh Packiyarajah <sureshp8 at gmail.com>:
> Dear all,
> Just i have read blog post from Fabian Affolter(known as fab) via planet
> fedoraproject.i would like to share it again to the ambassadors list because
> of we are having 545 people but it's seems 104 votes(~19%) have been
> made.yesterday i tried to verify how many of us have been voted but it is
> clear now.
> It makes sense Just ~10 minutes is more than enough to read and cast your
> vote. Does this mean that they are lazy to do at least this?

Spending 10 minutes on voting is preposterous for 99% of the people
eligible to vote. If you already know all the candidates personally
and already understand the issues related to the body being elected
you can vote in 10 minutes. Otherwise such a vote is damaging to the
election process and not something we want to encourage.

How much time did I spend on voting this year. Let's say an hour or
two reading through and thinking about the candidate questionnaires.
Then there were the 5 townhalls where the candidates came to talk with
those electing them directly in an open forum. Those were scheduled
for one hour each but they all went longer I think. So let's say I
spent another 6 or 7 hours at the townhalls, including one at 5am my
time. I talked to several of the candidates and other contributors
about election issues over the weeks leading up to the election. I
think it is fair to say that being an engaged voter required at least
20 hours of my time in the past election.

If you only want to write numbers in boxes you can do that fast with
little effort. If you want to actually participate in the elections as
an informed and knowledgeable voter it will take time and effort on
your part as a voter. It isn't being lazy for an eligible voter to
feel that being a responsible voter takes too much effort, too much
time he/she would rather spend doing something else. It isn't being
lazy if you just don't care about the governance of the different
parts of the Fedora Project. In my opinion, it is lazy to be a voter
and only give 10 minutes of your time in the process.


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