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Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Thu Dec 8 19:59:00 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-12-08 at 17:24 +0530, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> I am not saying I want everyone to participate in the freemedia program.
> However, I (and a few more of us) had until recently assumed that any
> ambassador would by default be a local contact. How are you an
> ambassador if someone in your area cannot obtain fedora from you? With
> 4-5 of us signing up for the local contacts program, this understanding
> has changed. 

I think that Freemedia is a wonderful program. I see Freemedia as Fedora
Project Infrastructure giving the opportunity to people around the globe
to act locally and hopefully creating bounds.

I will love that every ambassador sing up for Freemedia. Even better if
every single fedora collaborator sing up for Freemedia. Yes, I am a fan
of Freemedia.  But, it is important to stress that Freemedia does not
requiere to be member of any other team. The same happens with
ambassadors. I believe that any ambassadors will give away a media, but
it is not part of their duties. We expect ambassadors to collaborate
time, not medias.

The frase that I always repeat with Freemedia is: "Freemedia is a
voluntary program, please do not spend more than you can afford"

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