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I am wondering how many of the 300/month requests are really those interested in Fedora but unable to download the media from the internet? I remembered there was a line of the reply letter template that the media from free media will be discs burnt from ISOs. I suspect people might misunderstood Freemedia as a "buffet" and all costs are backed by sponsor (in this case RH) - you can order as many as you like.

I really don't think it is right to urge all ambassadors from India to spend all their time to be disc burners. Given that your report of 300 requests per month and every India ambassadors are participating, it will be 10 discs / month per person. The said quantity is not feasible to be processed by volunteers except some mass production (500 minimum) is done, which made me want to ask the following questions:

Is the 300 amount in 300 requests with all different names and postal addresses?
Have you come across some "repeat" requesters who you found they are distro vendor rather than real users?
Were there any feedbacks from the recipient about the usage experiences, or have you done any follow ups with them?

In short, "If there is a demand as good as this, it is difficult to believe no one has already sell Fedora discs to fill that gap."


On 09/12/2011, at 5:59 AM, Neville A. Cross wrote:

> On Thu, 2011-12-08 at 17:24 +0530, Ankur Sinha wrote:
>> I am not saying I want everyone to participate in the freemedia program.
>> However, I (and a few more of us) had until recently assumed that any
>> ambassador would by default be a local contact. How are you an
>> ambassador if someone in your area cannot obtain fedora from you? With
>> 4-5 of us signing up for the local contacts program, this understanding
>> has changed. 
> I think that Freemedia is a wonderful program. I see Freemedia as Fedora
> Project Infrastructure giving the opportunity to people around the globe
> to act locally and hopefully creating bounds.
> I will love that every ambassador sing up for Freemedia. Even better if
> every single fedora collaborator sing up for Freemedia. Yes, I am a fan
> of Freemedia.  But, it is important to stress that Freemedia does not
> requiere to be member of any other team. The same happens with
> ambassadors. I believe that any ambassadors will give away a media, but
> it is not part of their duties. We expect ambassadors to collaborate
> time, not medias.
> The frase that I always repeat with Freemedia is: "Freemedia is a
> voluntary program, please do not spend more than you can afford"
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