[Ambassadors] FAmSco meeting 2011-12-14 minutes

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Thu Dec 15 01:39:22 UTC 2011

On Wed, 14 Dec 2011, inode0 wrote:

> introduction of APAC members has changed the dynamic but FAmSCo needs 
> to figure out how to cope effectively with that fact of life.

A few months ago, I sent out some of my thoughts of what I thought 
FAMSCO should think about and do in the coming year.


Reading this thread brings me back to that email, in particular the part 
of it where I talk about having a strong focus on identifying key 
Ambassadors in each region of the world, and in connecting potential 
Fedora contributors in those regions of the world to the global Fedora 

Sidestep the timezone problem by ensuring that the majority of what 
FAMSCO members are doing is working with, and providing a leadership 
presence, in their own region.

But what do I work on, you ask?  Again, I reference you back to the 4 
main categories that I discussed back in October.

Use the mailing lists (this one as much as possible, but also the famsco 
list) to share the key points of what is going on, and come up with a 
way to get status updates pushed out to the list, rather than in an IRC 

It will lead to more discussion, better discussion, and a larger group 
of engaged Ambassadors.

So then what do you do with the FAMSCO meetings?

One of several things:

* An open conversation for anyone who wants to show up at that time, 

* A chance for a subset of FAMSCO to work together on a single topic.

* An opportunity to lock down a fixed time each week during which a Red 
Hat contact is available to focus entirely on FAMSCO issues.


My point is, all the tools exist for FAMSCO members to collaborate 
strongly together outside of IRC.  Try it -- but try it in an organized 
and simple fashion by choosing one or two things to start with -- and 
change the culture of FAMSCO so that the mailing lists and the wiki are 
more important, and visible, collaboration points than any one IRC 

This is easy to say, and hard to do, because it breaks the habits that 
FAMSCO has fallen into over the past few years.  That's why I'd say 
start small, prove that it can work, and grow.


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