[Ambassadors] Ambassadors list vs. FAmSCo list

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 19 00:02:02 UTC 2011

Hi there,

when I recently complained about low attendance in the first meeting of
the newly elected FAmSCo, many people suggested to make use of
mailing lists more often. While I do have some concerns about the
efficiency, I fully agree that we should give it a try.

As you also might know I was one of the people who demanded making
FAmSCo list public readable two years ago. Now I'd like to encourage
usage of trac for FAmSCo business and therefor we should have a list
where all tickets from FAmSco are sent to.

As trac is not fully public, the list we use cannot be public either.
This makes me wonder if this was a good idea to open FAmSCo list. SO we
have two options:
     1. Keep FAmSCo list public, but create a famsco-private list. This
        is just like the board.
     2. Make FAmSCo list private again and use the ambassadors list for
        all public FAmSCo discussions. This is what FESCO does.

At this point I am not sure which proposal is better. The second one
will make FAmSCo members use ambassadors list more often and improve
transparency and participation, but on the other hand it will also
increase the noise level and make things more.

What is better? Please state your opinions!


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