[Ambassadors] Ambassadors list vs. FAmSCo list

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 19 01:22:37 UTC 2011

Hi John,

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Am Sonntag, den 18.12.2011, 18:54 -0600 schrieb inode0:
> On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 6:02 PM, Christoph Wickert
> >
> >     1. Keep FAmSCo list public, but create a famsco-private list. This
> >        is just like the board.
> >     2. Make FAmSCo list private again and use the ambassadors list for
> >        all public FAmSCo discussions. This is what FESCO does.
> >
> > At this point I am not sure which proposal is better. The second one
> > will make FAmSCo members use ambassadors list more often and improve
> > transparency and participation, but on the other hand it will also
> > increase the noise level and make things more.
> >
> > What is better? Please state your opinions!
> Does there really need to be a private list? Can't you just forward
> the trac email to the 7 members of FAmSCo?

Sure, for tickets that would work, too. Nevertheless we need one private
list to discuss sensible topics.

> The board never discusses anything on their public list so please do
> not model FAmSCo after the board. If your two proposed choices are the
> only options I would vote for setting things up like FESCo.

I agree. The board's work does affect many different areas of Fedora (or
not), therefor it is hard to pick the right mailing list. FAmSCo on the
other hand deals only with the ambassadors and we could easily move
everything to ambassadors list.

> I do have reservations about both choices.

Then please propose a 3rd one. ;)

> In my opinion the FESCo has
> very open, active, and substantive regular public meetings. Without
> those occurring with FAmSCo I'm not sure the same underlying structure
> will be effective. FESCo maintains a lot of transparency due to their
> public meetings.

FAmSCo meetings are open and public, too. Regular and active not so
much, but we are trying to change this and everybody is invited to join
our meeting next Wednesday at 22:00 UTC.


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