[Ambassadors] Ambassadors list vs. FAmSCo list

Caius Chance me at kaio.net
Mon Dec 19 02:33:51 UTC 2011


I support the option 2 - all topics that has no sensitive or private info
should be alright to be discussed on ambassadors list, and it is good to
encourage all inputs from ambassadors.

About the noise or yell or anything from everyone if FAmSCo move normal
communication to ambassadors list - every large organisation has issues of
noises. Many commercial organisations "resolved" the issues by doing "one
way" notifications and ignore the responses or thoughts. In fact, people
are still discussing privately about what they don't like or what they want.

In Fedora Ambassadors Team which we build this up for freedom (also another
3 Fs), I am personally against to avoid involvements of ambassadors when
FAmSCo is discussions of the team directions.

Any extreme or unreasonable opinions are welcome as they may be that so but
not for some others, and we may take everything into account. As tuanta
said 2 lists are enough. Otherwise, FAmSCo will be under-used except
meeting notifications and logs links, with all FAmSCo private threads not
recorded/documented but FAmSCo's mailboxes (where next FAmSCo has nothing
to follow up from).

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