[Ambassadors] We did some sheer awesomeness for 2011. :)

Suresh Packiyarajah suresh17 at ieee.org
Sun Dec 25 06:22:28 UTC 2011

2011/12/25 David Ramsey <diamond_ramsey at hotmail.com>

>  Hello Fedora Ambassadors,
> We did some sheer awesomeness for 2011.  :)
> +1s to you all.  :)
> May we help move Fedora forward in 2012.  :)
> ===================================
> Things in my mind -
> * Looking forward to the "Beefy Miracle!!!" with Fedora 17.
> * Updating my wikis and other wikis in need of care.
> * Attending my regional meetings as well as other IRCs.
> * Helping others as we move through with our Fedora Releases.
> ===================================
> Together, I hope that we will accomplish great things.  :)
Dear Kindly Ambassadors,

I agree with Dramsey.Great year in front of us with Beefy Miracle,F18
release's and FudCon 2012. Behalf of APAC we are working with awesome ideas
to kick off a like...

*Major events per release.

*Prize's for best release event photo(Beefy Miracle & F18)

*Fedora code of computation among the university students

*Year end ambassadors reports

Actually it's DRAFT version[0] may be i will get agree by next APAC meeting
then we are looking forward to submit to FAmSco review and comments from
ambassadors list.in order to achive these goals we need to work hard.

Thank you all and Happy Holiday.


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