[Ambassadors] Survey: Red Hat Certifications/Training for FAms (Just 2 or 3 minutes required)

Uditha Bandara Wijerathna udinnet at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 28 22:28:50 UTC 2011

> While those who know me know that I think very highly of Red Hat
> certifications and have been privileged to benefit from them
> personally, I don't see any reason this should be something for
> ambassadors specifically. The value of the certification has little to
> do with performing ambassador duties or with being qualified to be a
> good ambassador for Fedora.
> I can more easily support an initiative to help all Fedora
> contributors who are interested in acquiring certifications do so. I
> don't think FAmSCo is the best vehicle for that and I don't think it
> really falls under the FAmSCo mission.
> Can we discuss here what you would like FAmSCo or anyone else to
> provide in terms of support?


Actually, this was just an idea that came from our ambassadors. Not just
me. We were discussed about this in a  APAC ambassador regional meeting.
FYI meeting log[1] is pasted below (please refer the topic Red Hat
information training for Ambassadors (dramsey)). The thing is, RH
certification is just a part of this survey. We don't want to mix-up RH
with fedora here. I think this is a misunderstanding about two separate
topics. Only thing is both were came in a single survey. The solely effort
behind this action is to make ambassadors more equipped in technical
knowledge in Linux. Because every one not the same in technical knowledge.
Also Classrooms can be taken as part of that effort. If there is a firm
understanding about the things that people looking forward to learn, even
classrooms can be conducted more dynamically. So for a better
clarification, it is good to have a discussion with our fellow ambassadors
who were in that meeting I mentioned above.



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