[Ambassadors] Survey: Red Hat Certifications/Training for FAms (Just 2 or 3 minutes required)

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Thu Dec 29 00:46:42 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

Greetings. :)

Alejandro, John, Tristan and Uditha, thank you for your e-mails.  :)

The survey is a consideration for 2012 and to get ideas from the people.  :)

> >     While those who know me know that I think very highly of Red Hat     certifications and have been privileged to benefit from them     personally, I don't see any reason this should be something for     ambassadors specifically. The value of the certification has little to     do with performing ambassador duties or with being qualified to be a     good ambassador for Fedora.

Depends on your audience and questions which you are asked.  For example, I receive questions on kernels as well as integrated Fedora's features as they pertain to the production environment.  :)

Since some corporations consider the Fedora model as the Research and Development (R&D) arm of Red Hat, if your audience and present/future employers want to understand your capabilities, then to empower the people is an investment in oneself.  :)

> >     I can more easily support an initiative to help all Fedora     contributors who are interested in acquiring certifications do so. I     don't think FAmSCo is the best vehicle for that and I don't think it     really falls under the FAmSCo mission.

Opinion understood.  I wanted to receive the ideas for those are interested in learning what would be useful to help support them.  That is the true essence of this survey.  :)

> >     Can we discuss here what you would like FAmSCo or anyone else to     provide in terms of support?

I strongly think that to hear "read" polled answers by the group via the survey will help provide knowledge.  Knowledge and supportive data will help in future decisions as well.  ;)

Without data, then there is no analysis.  I read Ankur's survey for "Fedora Ambassadors Survey" and the column labeled, "What difficulties are you facing, if any?"


provided me remarkable insight into the needs of people.  :)

> > Actually, this was just an idea that came from our ambassadors. Not just me. We were discussed about this in a  APAC ambassador regional meeting. FYI meeting log[1] is pasted below (please refer the topicRed Hat information training for Ambassadors (dramsey)). The thing is, RH certification is just a part of this survey. We don't want to mix-up RH with fedora here. I think this is a misunderstanding about two separate topics. Only thing is both were came in a single survey. The solely effort behind this action is to make ambassadors more equipped in technical knowledge in Linux. Because every one not the same in technical knowledge. Also Classrooms can be taken as part of that effort. If there is a firm understanding about the thingsthat people looking forward to learn, even classrooms can be conducted more dynamically. So for a better clarification, it is good to have a discussion with our fellow ambassadors who were in that meeting I mentioned above.

Thank you for issuing the survey.  I sincerely believe there are requests to learn more technical information.

> If you guys want training of sorts, how about volunteering some time to make some training docs for fedora, and then maybe even a self-test website, which then could be open to any person, be ambassador or not. I am sure this would be very welcomed by many of our Fedora contributors and even people, who are not contributing as of yet. There could also be the added benefit that people would maybe feel more comfortable contributing, if they have proven to have a certain knowledge level, although exams tend not to reflect an adequate knowledge and experience level. However, this could be a starting point for old time contributors and new contributors, as long as the topics are kept separate, so that people can pick their interests. It should be said though, that Fedora is moving in a different direction than the recent RHEL 6 version, so one cannot really have anything to do with the other, unless it is basic terminal usage.

Opinion understood.  :)

I think there are some people would "want" training to be received.  To learn from those who know (e.g., senior Fedora Ambassadors) will help development these individuals in their future.  Some people want more technical knowledge to help provide a foundation for speaking comfortably of technical concepts.  :)

To volunteer and teach content is grand (i.e., train the trainer.)  :)

Consider one's education as power.  Be your education in the technical and/or interpersonal realm.  ;)

Understanding any survey's data from what is needed by people is very essential, in order to develop an understanding.  Let everyone's prerogative to choose be  voiced.  :)

May the survey been labeled with columns first, in order to receive requests from the people, would that have been better accepted?  :)

"...Discuss about the things you like to learn in Fedora Online Classrooms (if any/optional)

Do you need any materials to learn Fedora? (if any/optional)..."

If we give an ear to their requests, then we will be provided greater ideas for the future.  :)

Data is power, without data and an openness to understand leaves people in a vacuum for any decision making.  May be the titling would have been Training for FAms, what do you think?  :)

I would like to see the New Year as an opportunity to open our minds to what everyone's future "could" be.  :)

Think of things as "Food for your Fedora thoughts."  ;)

Lastly, please have a Great Fedora day and a wonderful New Year to you all! :~)

Take Care



- David -


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