[Ambassadors] Survey: Red Hat Certifications/Training for FAms (Just 2 or 3 minutes required)

Buddhika Kurera bckurera at fedoraproject.org
Fri Dec 30 12:09:44 UTC 2011

Hello Folks,

Thanks for bringing this survey up!!!!
Finally it came out from the meeting agenda and we can discuss more about
the survey results in upcoming APAC meetings and take required actions.

I am not fitting into this technical jargon but I tried to fill
the survey but when submitting it gave me nothing. Then I checked the GDoc
and I realized my ideas wasnt submitted. As a result I think of replying
this thread. In this thread also there are lot of ideas.

I m nt interested about Redhat certifications as this is out of my
occupation. But I would like to raise this point.

Whatever the connection between Redhat and Fedora exists it is certian that
we have lot of RH certified professional plus Redhat employees among the
project. Those people know better about fedora and Redhat. Therefore if we
can utilize those contributors we can create an effective knowledge flow
with in the project while we are concentrating the main targets of the
project as well. The best media is fdora classrooms. It is possible to have
fedora classrooms on topics related with Redhat certification, may be
expreience sharing as well.

That will make our contributors more technical sound as well. We can use
this as a motivation factor so that atlease students who follow related
stuffs will atleast join with us to be keep in touch with those. Further
fedora contributors get an advantage as well. Why dont we use the advantage
we have. Therefore I like this initiative which was brought by Dramsey and
supported by Udinnet. By looking at the responses it seems many people
are interested in being certifying therefore if we can organize classrooms
with experienced contributors that would be great.

If it is possible please spread this to teams like infrastructure and get
their participation as well. Then with the help of contributors it is
possible to organize classroom sessions and invent the knowledge flow.


2011/12/30 Uditha Bandara Wijerathna <udinnet at fedoraproject.org>

> Hello guys,
> Thank you all for your replies. All of them will be very useful when
> making decisions. And thanks all of you for pointing out the un-discussed
> ideas.

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