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Jesús Franco tezcatl at fedoraproject.org
Wed Feb 9 00:55:40 UTC 2011

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El 08/02/11 08:11, Jukka Palander escribió:
> On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 14:51 +0100, Bert Desmet wrote:
>> 1. people take so much media and swag (I mean, you could already
>> download F14 a long time ago) 
>> 2. why not more people are interested in becoming a contributor
>> (although some were), especially at an event like FOSDEM, which is
>> geared towards talented open source people. 
>> something to think about. 
>> cheers,
>> Bert
> Agree.
> Event was FOSDEM so people should already know what Linux (and Fedora)
> is!
> Therefore I think that at least half of the media was taken only because
> "people take everything what they can".

It is true, but remember than opensource community is known by its
"give-away" attitude, i don't know anybody keeping for themselves a CD
media just for keeping updated his/her collection. Rather usually if
they don't install it, pass it on to a friend in need of a Linux distro
when he/she become enough motivated.

Or maybe i don't know enough people :D

> Well, OK, maybe that's the way to make Fedora more known, but is it
> right we give away media which is (maybe) never ever going to be
> installed?

The OS crowd is always doing things like this, downloading new distros
just for see how another people is doing things and maybe learn from
others, and if they get convinced people installs the distro.

This is why dumping the live CD just for the sake of * Girls of * BS
would be a great mistake. We don't need an Wubi (Wufi?)

> Should we hand out those only after talking to them about Fedora and
> only when someone is really interested to have (and try to use) one?

No, no, you are not understanding then the role of media "gived away".
They are marketing pieces in situations like that. Keeping for
yourselves because you don't think people would become at the end
contributors, just warrants you will end with great numbers of CD's
burned being unuseful when next Fedora arrives.

> Procedure on the event should be more like:
> 1) "..may I show you the latest Fedora and its functionality.."
> 2) "What do you think? -great?"
> 3) "Would you like to try it by yourself on your own computer?"
> 4) Hand out the CD/DVD

People is taking the CDs maybe with the idea of trying it, right?

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> Jukka

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