[Ambassadors] Ambassador Group Role for 2011 - was [FAmSCo] almost done with current year's budget

Moniruzzaman Monir m.mzaman99 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 14:24:16 UTC 2011

- one of them is addressed as:
> *"It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly
> find a project to work on."*  Clarified as:
>    * Example: Quickly find project to work on
>    * Example: Improving the new user experience
>    * Example: Mentorship
>    * Example: Helping users become contributors
>    * Example: raise the role of the Ambassadors as a first point of
> contact for new Contributor on our Media, Website...
> A good Ambassador is also a good catalyst - and i want suggest that we
> in Ambassadors with FAmSCo as moderator start to think about how we can
> bring the ideas that we collected on FUDCon related to that goal to live
> - i volunteer to represent our result within the Fedora Board, because i
> expect some frictions about that ideas ;)
> According to studies from Diana (Martin) Harrelson, who made her
> anthropology thesis about us, it is much more easier to join the Fedora
> Project if someone already is known to a Contributor, this strongly
> supports the Mentoring concept that we already started in our Group.
> Where can we work on?
> * The Overall Project Join Process gives the Candidate the      opportunity
> to speak with a real person/contributor before they start choosing a
> group (by choice? or by default? ...) start with collecting Ideas would
> be great: like Join-Fedora IRC Channel as example?
> * Ambassador act as liason to other groups - this is only natural
> because i am convinced a good Ambassador is at least CLA+2 ;) and is
> necessary to be the taskjuggler for new Candidates
> * has to be adressed
> If we can figure out, how to support the overall Join Process as a
> formal Service, how should this be formalised, addressed, placed...? Can
> we handle the expected numbers? What are these numbers?
> * Ambassadors are the taskjugglers to assign easy tasks and join
> requirements, to redirect low skilled people into very easy tasks and
> spare valuable time from busy Contributors.
> this makes liasonship and effective communication imperative - i think a
> expirienced Ambassador who is also Member of the certain group can
> choose from the certain Trac Instances - and also assess what easy means
> for the candidate this is different from candidate to candidate.
> this is a great opportunity to evolve the Ambassadors Group and i am
> excited if people want to take this ideas and can make something from
> it. I am on Board! After collecting more ideas here in that list i
> suggest to aggregate them (as example in a WikiPage) and make them ready
> to propose it on the Advisory-Board list for a project-wide discussion.
> cu Joerg

These ideas are great.

Thank You

Moniruzzaman Monir
Fedora Ambassador, Bangladesh*
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