[Ambassadors] Ambassador Group Role for 2011 - was [FAmSCo] almost done with current year's budget

Jesús Franco tezcatl at fedoraproject.org
Fri Feb 11 19:21:00 UTC 2011

"Joerg Simon" <jsimon at fedoraproject.org> escribió:

> Am 09.02.2011 00:18, schrieb Max Spevack:
>> I want FAMSCO to start to think of itself as Fedora's regional
>> leadership teams, and not only for Ambassadors.  Ambassadors as
>> catalysts for contributors everywhere is a better ways of saying it!
> We had discussions about overall future goals within the Fedora Board
> also with FAmSCo https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board_goals_2011
> - one of them is addressed as:
> *"It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly
> find a project to work on."*  Clarified as:
>     * Example: Quickly find project to work on

Tatica has just made a proposal about simplify some guides to join  
some projects, and we are going to begin the work this same weekend.  
I've suggested take the straightforward format the former FAmSCo  
created to join Ambassadors, giving the candidate the chance to read  
and take step by step, through a well thought series of pages, instead  
of convoluted instructions.

>     * Example: Improving the new user experience
>     * Example: Mentorship
>     * Example: Helping users become contributors
>     * Example: raise the role of the Ambassadors as a first point of
> contact for new Contributor on our Media, Website...

+1 Has been said again and again. We are not just organizers of events.

> Where can we work on?
> * The Overall Project Join Process gives the Candidate the 	opportunity
> to speak with a real person/contributor before they start choosing a
> group (by choice? or by default? ...) start with collecting Ideas would
> be great: like Join-Fedora IRC Channel as example?

Hmmm, but it is too much centralized IMHO. Lets develop the concept of  
the ambassadors duties, and let them assist in their communitaire  

> * Ambassador act as liason to other groups - this is only natural
> because i am convinced a good Ambassador is at least CLA+2 ;) and is
> necessary to be the taskjuggler for new Candidates

+1 It was proposed at the beginning of this year, a list of  
prerrequisites to being approved as ambassador, not any of them  
related to being contributor of Fedora, rather a list of folks  
applying for a PR job.

IMHO, every Ambassador should be first at all, contributor in another  
Fedora project.

> * Ambassadors are the taskjugglers to assign easy tasks and join
> requirements, to redirect low skilled people into very easy tasks and
> spare valuable time from busy Contributors.
> this makes liasonship and effective communication imperative - i think a
> expirienced Ambassador who is also Member of the certain group can
> choose from the certain Trac Instances - and also assess what easy means
> for the candidate this is different from candidate to candidate.

This is why every ambassador should be contributor in another project,  
instead of merely a talk-giver.

> this is a great opportunity to evolve the Ambassadors Group and i am
> excited if people want to take this ideas and can make something from
> it. I am on Board!

And it's great than you still taking the voice and evolution of  
Ambassadors there :)

> After collecting more ideas here in that list i
> suggest to aggregate them (as example in a WikiPage) and make them ready
> to propose it on the Advisory-Board list for a project-wide discussion.

Well, we are just thinking aloud ATM. I think the wiki will be a  
perfect place to join ideas and think better together how can we  
exactly take measurable steps to embody the shared vision.

> cu Joerg
> --
> Joerg (kital) Simon
> jsimon at fedoraproject.org

It is good being part if this bunch of free thinker people.

Jesús E. Franco Martínez http://identi.ca/tzk
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