[Ambassadors] 1 Desktop spins DVD vs. 4 Desktop spins CDs ?

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 11 19:37:10 UTC 2011

Am Freitag, den 11.02.2011, 14:13 -0500 schrieb Scott Dowdle:

> Please refer me to a URL/FAQ if one exists that has all of the
> details.


> Is the DVD a single OS image that has all of the desktop environments
> on it and one picks the desired session from the graphical login
> manager?
> OR
> Does the DVD contain multiple OS images (one for each included desktop
> environment/spin) and you pick which one to boot from the bootloader
> menu of the live media?

You pick them at the bootloader.

> I've made my own remix that is like the first question... and it
> easily fits under 2GB and will only get smaller with compression
> switch coming in Fedora 15... and I don't see why in the world one
> would need a dual-layer DVD for that.  

     1. Because we want it to be *exactly* like the spins: The same user
        experience and the same set of applications.
     2. Because there is no way to install only one desktop, the install
        will copy the whole content of the DVD regardless what desktop
        you select.
     3. Because we are doing not only 5 different desktops but also 2
        different architectures.
     4. Because with the login at the display manager you don't get the
        full desktop experience. Logging into KDE through GDM is not
        what we want. Some things like fast user switching or direct
        shutdown/reboot from the KDE menu won't work.

> Also, I think it is important to have downloadable .iso images that
> people can actually burn... 

The individual ISOs will be on the DVD, so you can burn CDs or create
USB keys from it.

> and while dual layer pre-recorded media is fine... only a small
> percentage of people do dual-layer burning of their own media even
> though many do have the capability.  dual-layer blank media just isn't
> very popular... or at least that has been my experience in my corner
> of the United States.

This media is meant for distribution by the EMEA ambassadors and not for
download. It will be downloadable for those who really want it.

You are correct that dual layer burning is not very popular because of
the blank media, but all decent burners can read this type of media,
even if they cannot burn it.

If you still have questions, please refer to the archives of ambassadors
and advisory-board list, all of that has been discussed in great length.

Kind regards,

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