[Ambassadors] [workshop] Conducted Open source | Linux | Fedora Installation workshop at SAL Engineering Collage, Nr. Science City, Ahmedabad By ElectroMech Corporation.

ElectroMech electromech at electromech.info
Mon Feb 14 13:11:27 UTC 2011

Hi All,

We were invited by SAL Engineering collage, Nr. Science City, Ahmedabad, to
conduct a Linux (Open Source)  workshop.

It was very glad to see around 55 students learn how to install Linux -
Fedora 14.

We have with me our team Member

1. Mr. Sham Arsiwala
2. Mr. Vimal Kalariya (Rajkot)

and Mr. Nirmal and Rajmin from LDRP - GANDHINAGAR.

All students perfomed Linux | Fedora 14 installation in around 50 Computers.

We have also demonstarted some basic Linux Fedora Desktop and User

Special thanks to Mr. Bhupendra Patel, Mr. Ankit Patel for inviting us to
conduct a workshop on Open source and Linux.

Sorry could not took any photograph.

Yes we are going to provide 35 live cds demanded by student.

Thanks and Regards.

Nilesh Vaghela
Redhat Channel Partner and Training Partner
404, Maulik arcade, Above Karnavati Pagarakha Bazar,
Nr. Mansi cross Road,
Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad
25, The Emperor, Fatehgunj, Baroda.
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