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I just share pictures from fosdem on this link
Please send me private email with links about photo that you want in full


2011/2/9 Jukka Palander <jukka at devspain.com>

> On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 18:55 -0600, Jesús Franco wrote:
> > > Should we hand out those only after talking to them about Fedora and
> > > only when someone is really interested to have (and try to use) one?
> >
> > No, no, you are not understanding then the role of media "gived away".
> > They are marketing pieces in situations like that. Keeping for
> > yourselves because you don't think people would become at the end
> > contributors, just warrants you will end with great numbers of CD's
> > burned being unuseful when next Fedora arrives.
> Yap, but still. You are NOT marketing anything if you just give a disc
> away!
> We haven't got so many discs (at least i don't) so I could spread them
> out like that. I rather try to explain what Fedora is beforehand and
> THEN give a media to try it by own!
> > > Procedure on the event should be more like:
> > > 1) "..may I show you the latest Fedora and its functionality.."
> > > 2) "What do you think? -great?"
> > > 3) "Would you like to try it by yourself on your own computer?"
> > > 4) Hand out the CD/DVD
> >
> > People is taking the CDs maybe with the idea of trying it, right?
> As I explained. Have a "talk" with the people first, do not just give it
> away like it has no value at all! By explaining some of the features and
> advantages of Fedora, you are making much much more and the you are
> almost guaranteed that the CD handed out is going to be tried instead
> than dumped.
> Just make Fedora more personal on the event!
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> Jukka
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