[Ambassadors] Broadening how we empower community action - opening a dialog for change

María Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Wed Feb 16 12:04:24 UTC 2011

2011/2/15 Igor Pires Soares <igorsoares at gmail.com>

> From the LATAM side I can say that regional FAmSCo members have been
> pushing funding decisions forward since the first ones from our region
> were elected. People expect FAmSCo members to deal with it since they
> were elected to do it. At least this is the way people think.

when i was at FAmSCo what i tried to do was show people from latam that they
dont need FAmSCo members to ask for foundings, FAmSCo help them to track
tickets and help them do it. Budgets have been always max responsability
(inside or outside FAmSCo ) now that max is pushing foward to give local
leaders cc that will make much easier for any person from team $whatever to
ask for fundings. Is up todo the budget owner to be reachble to everyone and
to us to keep teaching them that we are to help.

> I'm really not sure if creating a non-ambassador body will address this
> issue. The person would have to ask another body anyway. I do recognize
> that some people have problems asking FAmSCo for money, even inside
> ambassadors. But IMHO this is more due to misinformation or because they
> don't know someone who might help. This is where regional FAmSCo members
> enter, to make a bridge between community needs and the committee. If we
> want to create a separated body, it will have to take into consideration
> that it should include people who have great understating of regional
> communities. And I do believe that FAmSCo members play this part quite
> well. If FAmSCo is not the most appropriated body for this task, I am
> sure that it has aspects that are good examples for a new body.

I believe that we should have a "non related to anyone" team handling the
money. Business, foundations and even at home, there is only one person
/team that handle the money, and I think that in Fedora should be the same.

For example, what if not only packagers want a budget-team for them, but
also designers, documentation or even infra? we would have something like 12
budget-teams for a task that a single and completely dedicated team (that I
guess should be the ones having the CC) can take care of.

I understand the worries of inode0, and I really believe that he has a +%
for his idea, but I think that Max new idea would help a lot more how the
money gets to where is needed

Just remember... Ambassadors ARE contributors, contributors and ambassadors
are 80% the same thing; if we push decisions that make them believe that
they are non-related then we are making bigger the separation instead try to
join them.

my 1$ that jsmith and spevack owe me goes there :)

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