[Ambassadors] Broadening how we empower community action - opening a dialog for change

Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Thu Feb 17 05:23:07 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 11:54 +0800, Heherson Pagcaliwagan wrote:
> Two things comes to mind though, how will the pie be sliced and who
> will do the slicing?

I think that allways that you do divisions, there will be some one
wanting a bigger slice.

I fully understand concerns about asking an unrelated body. But creating
a finnancial body will create new concerns abouth: Who are they? Why
they? To whom they respond? Why they divide the pie like that? 

Giving the responsability of finnacial affairs to one
team/unit/department or creating a new one does not stop the concerns.

We should focus on create more internal bridges.

I do not remmember who said this on Tempe, but it was something on the
lines of ... "If there is an non technical event where art is being
discused, we (as Fedora) should sponsor some people of desing team to
go. We (as FAmSCo) should leave to the team to select the best person
for attending." And then the idea was reinforced with other
participation: "We need to all people to gave feed back on what new
events we shold be making presence."

What I feel is that due personal preferences and location, no body can
have the whole picture on events schedules where we can look for new
contributors. But as a community we can have a better sense of that.
FAmSCo wants to empower people from other teams to do things for
reaching new contributors.

We also have to keep in mind that there is a delay, from when a
initiative is taken, until the rest of people is aware of it, nad that
may be bigger than the time to implement it. Let see the LATAM budget
example, there has been a full cicle of FAmSCo trying to push budget to
the front line, and still people is not aware of that.

As a very personal view, I have a degree in business management, and if
my contribution converge with my job, I will be bored, burn out or both
very easily. So what will happen if we hire some one for this? It is not
Max's job already?

In a more cool-head view ... I think that will be more esay to try and
see if FAmSCo can do so, than create a new team only in charge of

But let's hear more opinions.

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