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On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 10:48 PM, bhutto aamir <amir181920 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Fedora Team Members
> I’ve been occupied with my studies for the past few months, but not I can
> sneak out some time. Just wondering if there’s someone around who can help
> or guide me with organisational marketing,
> We are working here with 500+ computers (university campus) and rarely
> anyone knows about Fedora Or Red Hat or Linux J So I guess it’ll be a great
> opportunity to introduce Fedora and a little about Free Open Source
> Software’s.
> I was thinking about an event, more like an introduction to Linux and
> Fedora. I hope to find some resources and guidelines around; any help from
> U.K Contributors will be appreciated.
> Event: Organisational Marketing (tour fedora)
> Location: Llandrillo College Rhos-on-Sea Conwy, North Wales
> Date: To be decided
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Hi Aamir,

It would be great if you can mark the potential areas to talk about. Do talk
with your friends and people there who uses PCs about the usual softwares
they do use and the tasks they perform. Once you have that information you
can well prepare your talk and briefings for the event. If people do get
hear something depicting their daily work then they would be more interested
instead of free software philosophy and patents war.

*Mustafa Qasim*
Fedora Ambassador, Pakistan

mustu at fedoraproject.org

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