[Ambassadors] Mid-America GNU/Linux Networkers Conference

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 01:59:55 UTC 2011

The Fedora ambassadors were contacted recently by the organizers of
MAGNet Con 2011 to find out if Fedora would like to participate in
this event in St. Louis, Missouri. It looks very promising to me as a
first effort in the heart of North America. Early details can be found
on their website at


Fedora has at least one contributor I know of in St. Louis currently
although it is too early for his commitment to this event, so I would
like to ask other ambassadors from nearby if they would be interested
in helping to organize a Fedora presence and to represent the Fedora
Project in St. Louis this May.

Please raise your hands if you are interested!


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