[Ambassadors] Fedora 15, Paris release event report

Kévin Raymond shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 6 19:14:20 UTC 2011

Hi ambassadors,

We had a great two days event in Paris the 4th and 5th of June. I know
that it happened a month ago, apologies for this late report.

In the talk room we were discussing about new F15 features, and then
there was a 2h BoxGrinder workshop. In a workshop room we worked on
sound composition using FOSS and then there were discussions about
The install party in itself was in the master room (about 100 people
there with 20 FOSS contributors). We spoke a lot about GNOME 3, and we
made lots of live USB. In this room, there was a big white screen in
which I displayed a slideshow about the event planning, the first page
of our newly released Muffin 3 magazine, a summary of "How to
contribute" and websites. For this "slideshow" I used the GNOME Shell
power: I wrote a plugin to auto switch between workspace. No need
anymore to write something in LibreOffice. One full screen window in
each workspace and you're done![2] KDE lovers were silent.

This is what we usually do for each release. But this time we wanted
more, this is why we planned this second contribution day!
We where about 10 French Fedora Project contributors here to work on
different subjects and showing people to know how to be involved in
the Fedora Project. We encounter some French forum users. That was
nice, we spoke a lot. Firstly we wanted to improve the LXC template
but there was a new release only few days before, and we didn't really
had big project on which we would be able to work. Every contributors
have their wide TODO list. Next time, we should define some projects
and start before the targeted day, in a FAD way.

The event page is in french[3] but you can find slideshow used in the
talks (the BoxGrinder one is there[4]).

[2] https://gitorious.org/gnome-shell-extension-autochange-workspace
(It's an "early alpha" there is no On/Off button yet... You need to
click in the top panel to activate or deactivate, feel free to ask an
access on the repo, I won't work more on that soon)
[3] http://asso.fedora-fr.org/wiki/Rencontres_Fedora_15_%C3%A0_Paris
[4] http://asso.fedora-fr.org/wiki/Fichier:JUDCon_2011_Boston_BoxGrinder_(msavy-revised-2011-06-04).pdf

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