[Ambassadors] APAC Special Wednesday meeting

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 13:08:57 UTC 2011

On 07/14/2011 03:58 PM, Buddhika Kurera wrote:
> Further we have bi-weekly meetings then why we need
> another meeting may be that consume more time. As we having FUDcon 
> planning meeting also we can discuss those things at a FUDcon planning
> meeting too.

As far as FUDCon in APAC is concerned,  we will have weekly meetings, 
1:00 UTC,  6:30 PM IST as I understand it.  Our regular meetings start
from tomorrow up until November.  I encourage everyone interested or
involved to attend.  I won't be having much time for special APAC
meetings and I am not convinced there is a need for it at this point


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