[Ambassadors] Idea: Joining process

Christian Bryant christian at linux.com
Thu Jul 14 21:07:51 UTC 2011

I'd like the more adult looking ones, personally.  No hot dogs, either :)

As a new Ambassador, I have lots of questions, but as I ask them I'm  
often pointed in the right direction and it was under my nose all  
along.  Could we consider a FAQ in this design to address some of  
these and others' questions?



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> Dear Ambassadors,
> at the moment the design team is discussing a rework of the ambassadors
> join process to have a more "graphical" approach. [1]
> I made some mockups to show how it could look like. [2]
> As you can see at the intro page I added some small guys. [3]
> Now the question is:
> Do you like them or would you like to have more adult ones, like Sirko
> made? [4]
> Let me know...
> Regards, vinz.
> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Joining_Ambassadors
> [2] http://vinz.fedorapeople.org/join-process/joining-intro.png
> [2] http://vinz.fedorapeople.org/join-process/
> [4] http://gnokii.fedorapeople.org/kids-design.png
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