[Ambassadors] Idea: Joining process

MarĂ­a Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jul 15 13:27:40 UTC 2011

Hello Guys!

As I said in the other thread, I understand that we need some pro-look for
ambassadors but not always. Fedora is compose for engineers, students, fans
and aliens. So, Why don't provide artwork for all of them?

Onyeibo add some awesome graphics for a more corporative look and I will
help him with those, but I believe we have a good team to work on both ideas
since remember.. we also have talks at schools and colleges, and kids are
also part of our little family :)

Pls, feel free to keep adding more ideas so we can develop them and provide
a good bunch of artwork for all needs :)

Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285  GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
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