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MarĂ­a Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jul 15 13:50:47 UTC 2011

> While I am not advocating a professional look either, or any
> particular look for that matter, I just don't think a look that
> attracts mostly "fans and aliens" would be best suited for the
> *ambassador join page* - there are plenty of other pages where
> attracting "fans and aliens" makes a lot more sense to me.

Sure, I was talking in general. Remember that the kids idea is for teams
more than for ambassadors. Now that we have a request for it startet by Vinz
we can extend the idea and change a bit the perspective-

> Perhaps my impression of the audience that the ambassadors group wants
> to attract and yours are different but I'm not seeing this theme
> clicking with the audience I have in mind for the group. Perhaps I'm
> also just having a grumpy old man moment.
Once again, Ambassadors like you know what you want to see, and this is the
feedback we need. The same one we ask for the rest of the teams for who we
are doing the posters (including a new one for a robotics project at LATAM)

Without feedback we are just designers drawing for ourselves, not for the
team. So we NEED critiques + ideas. This is the best way to improove :D

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