[Ambassadors] Hi everybody, I'm new here, so I want to introduce myself

Walter D. Vargas pynash at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 20:31:45 UTC 2011

Hi community, greetings from Nicaragua.

My name is Walter Vargas, and I want to express my insterest to this list
in becoming a Fedora Ambassador in Nicaragua.

Now, I´m studying fifth semester of Systems Engineering at National
University of Engineering, Nicaragua. I like programming a lot and I am a
passionate in this world of software Libre and Open Source, and a bit more
since I met the local Fedora Community here in Nicaragua, attending their
activities from two year ago on.

Since I met this community I have participated consistently, and that is a
very  encouraging experiencie that I will continue to do so disinterested,
as I have the desire to share the freedon and innovation that Fedora offers
to us as individuals and society.

I live at one of the most  important city of my country as it`s Masaya. In
my town there are virtually no institutions nor organizations that promote
the use of Free Software. And as part of my passion, it is to promote,
assist and share the bounty of Fedora, in my city and my university, and why
not, my country and abroad.

I´ve reached the steps to comply with my request, and, this my presentation,
was the step I was missing.

I have requested Neville Cross to be my mentor, whom I contacted and very
kindly accepted my request.

Waiting for your kind suggestions and answer, and also the  acceptance of my
application, I say goodbye to everyone, wishing success to each of the
activities and ideas for the community FEDORA!!! .

 Best Regards
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